About Underground Entertainment

Before anything hits the main stage, it is formed in the depths of the Underground. It is in the basements where new ideas and sounds are formed that accelerate our culture forward.


Riddim is the new sound that is taking over the industry. What started as a handful of people producing this filthy, heavy bass music that most people have never heard of is now gaining major popularity. It is thanks to those artists that overcame all criticism that paved the way for this new sound.


Our brand logo represents that same battleground mentality. It is by overcoming  all the adversity where you achieve greatness. We hope that anyone who wears our brand lives with that same mentality, you can do anything you set your mind to. Any goal, dream or ambition is achievable if you live without fear and take control of your destiny. 


It is the love for music that unites us all. Together we are stronger than we can ever be alone, let’s continue to support each other and spread positivity in this scene that we love.

We are Underground Entertainment. Kings of the Underground.

With support from Riddim Clothing & Riddim Project.


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